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Contact The Artist

Richard McGee
Jacksonville, Florida
(904) 303-6161

Welcome to Richard McGee Art! We feature original oil paintings inspired by wildlife scenes, images and landscapes encountered as an avid outdoors man. Please feel free to view all the artwork on the following pages. I welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy my artwork! I also offer paintings and pet portraits by commission.

Message From The Artist

Having been an avid outdoorsman for as long as I can remember, so quite naturally when I started my painting career I was greatly influenced by the experiences and scenes that have been etched into my memory through countless trips in quest of my outdoor sport.My earlier works reflect this life style vividly.

Sporting art, wildlife and landscapes were the substance of my earlier paintings. More recently I am attempting to vary the subject material in my work but it seems that every piece of work is still related to nature in some form, and that's ok with me. I find beauty and charm that I crave to put on canvas in such things as an old derelict boat, a carpet of fall leaves in the woods, the gnarled trunk of a fallen tree, and ancient or recent beaver dam and an array of art subjects that nature has provided as "art models" for me.

It is my hope that the viewer of my work will feel something of what inspired me. If I must classify my painting, I would chose the term "narrative representational." 

I am glad to discuss my artwork with anyone. Please fell free to call me at (904) 303-6161.