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Welcome to Richard McGee Art! We feature original oil paintings inspired by wildlife scenes, images and landscapes encountered as an avid outdoors man. Please feel free to view all the artwork on the following pages. I welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy my artwork! I also offer paintings and pet portraits by commission.

Message From The Artist

The Art of a Naturalist

Having been an avid outdoorsman for as long as I can remember, it was quite natural that when I started painting,my work would reflect the scenes and experiences that have become part of my world.

I find beauty and art in the shapes and forms created by nature and time. A fallen tree trunk and the pattern of its shedding bark, the knots in an old weathered board, lily pads that are turning color in the fall, a carpet of leaves on the forest floor. These are a sampling of things I find beautiful and interesting that are “art worthy” and have become important images on my canvases.

It is my hope that those who view my work will agree that my subjects and themes are worthy of my creative efforts and enjoy my interpretation of that which has inspired me.

I am glad to discuss my artwork with anyone. Please fell free to call me at (904) 775-0164.